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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Orycon---See you there!

Sun Nov 19 3:00:pm Sun Nov 19 4:00:pm Libraries of the Future: From Science Fiction to Reality
Mt. Hood Libraries must constantly adapt to new technologies. How close are we likely to get to the science fictional concepts of future libraries?
Cory Doctorow Michael Ehart Laura Majerus Bill Sattler David W. Goldman

Sun Nov 19 2:00:pm Sun Nov 19 3:00:pm No, Really, That Makes Sense
Medford "Our distinguished panel of experts explains why certain widely-seen SF and fantasy elements that seem absurd actually have legitimate explanations.
Come hear why it makes sense for barbarian sword babes to wear chain-mail bikinis, why computers on starships never crash or lock up with indecipherable error messages, and why male scientists in SF are always really good looking guys who are irresistable to brilliant, beautiful women."
Rhiannon Louve Ellen Klages Michael Ehart Sonia Lyris Richard A. Lovett

Sun Nov 19 1:00:pm Sun Nov 19 1:30:pm Reading: Michael Ehart
Salem A reading by Michael Ehart
Michael Ehart

Sat Nov 18 5:00:pm Sat Nov 18 6:00:pm Computer Viruses Then and Now
Medford What has changed from the day of Melissa, Chernobyl and Michelangelo to the present and how do you keep your computers virus free.
Michael Pearce Ben Yalow Frank Hayes Michael Ehart Dave Slusher

Sat Nov 18 4:00:pm Sat Nov 18 4:30:pm Autographs by Michael Ehart
Autograph Table An Autograph session with Michael Ehart

Fri Nov 17 11:00:pm Sat Nov 18 1:00:am Midnight Horror Readings
Portland Short and scary! Fans read short stories or scenes guaranteed to provide a chill! - bring your favorite story.
Michael Ehart Cheryl Scott Anthony Pryor Dianna Rodgers