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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"What the Bullet Sang" is up at Raygun Revival

I spat out dirt and blood and tried again. “How bad?”

The Morph shook its featureless grey head. “I have skin-popped her for the pain, but she only has a few minutes.” Terrell’s first drop.

The last cave-in took out Harmon and half our team. Terrell was hit then, but the wound that was killing her came as the Morph was carrying her out. Spalls ran across the Morph’s back, a dotted line broken by where it had held Terrell in a fireman’s carry.

“Nguyen! Can you raise the Marat? My comm is busted.” My voice was gravelly and seemed far away. A dirt clod the size of toaster oven had face-planted me during the cave-in.

“No joy, Gunny. Just a buzz. Might be whatever they mine here interfering.