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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Vermin Anthology

I normally don't talk about stuff that is out in submission, but for some reason I am really jazzed about the Vermin anthology by Carnifexpress. I submitted months ago, and Armand, the editor, just did an update. As he is reading at random, it is silly to read anything into this, but I still haven't received a rejection, so my rat ghost story is still in the running for one of two reasons; either he still hasn't read it--- he is down to 100 submissions unread out of 456 or something, or he has read it and it is one of the 16 second round stories being held so far.
I really like the story and I am pretty impressed with Carnifexpress's anthologies, so combined with my feeling that it is a great fit and the fact that I haven't received the e-mail of death yet has got me uncharacteristically wound up.
Those who know me will testify to my detachment during the submission process--- once the story goes out into the world, it pretty much is product with little emotional attachment involved. I do most of my artistic suffering during the creation phase.
I'll feel pretty silly if I go to my email after posting this to find the story rejected, but somehow I am not feeling that this is the case :)

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