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Monday, September 25, 2006


Just learned that the latest three "Servant of the Manthycore" stories are in the "accepted" column at The Sword Review. No information on release dates, yet, but they will most likely be in three sequential months, as they together consititute a major story arc with the character and her history.

The titles are: "Weaving Spiders Come Not Here", "Nothing But Our Tears", and "The Scarlet Colored Beast".

For those of you who enjoy the series there is even more good news. I have been persuaded to write a novella length story that takes place 50 years after the events in "The Scarlet Colored Beast" so the poor gal will not get any peace. I promise that her reaction to the new mis-fortunes will be the same as her reaction to anything else: chopping everyone in sight into sushi. :)

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