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Thursday, January 25, 2007

RadCon 4C, Pasco WA

Itinerary for Michael Ehart

Sun Feb 18 11:00:am Sun Feb 18 12:00:pm Eragon and Star Wars
Citrine Looking at the parallels, are there any new stories to be told
Michael Ehart John Redeye Knight Irene Radford Darragh Metzger

Sat Feb 17 5:00:pm Sat Feb 17 6:00:pm Why the Leather Bikini
Harvest Room Hear these folks explain away the whys and wherefors of all that is quirky in F&SF
Christine Morgan Michael Ehart Deby Fredericks Eve Gross

Sat Feb 17 2:00:pm Sat Feb 17 3:00:pm Leaving it to the Reader
Sage Readers have imaginations; use them! To much, too little? Fining the baby bear approach to getting it just right.
John Pitts ElizaBeth Gilligan M. J. Engh Michael Ehart Michael Hiebert

Fri Feb 16 4:00:pm Fri Feb 16 5:00:pm Star Trek
Sage RCW 4813.6.1(c) states: No science fiction convention shall be liscened to do business in the State of Washington without 1 (one) period of time, not less than 50 minutes, dedicated to Star Trek. This period of time must be scheduled and a copy of that schedule provided to attendees of said convention.
Michael Ehart J. Steven York Dean Wesley Smith John Hudgens Vickie Mitchell

Fri Feb 16 3:00:pm Fri Feb 16 4:00:pm To Outline or Not to Outline
Harvest Room Some folks swear by the outline, others swear at it. Both sides make their point.
Renee Stern Darragh Metzger Christine Morgan Michael Ehart

See you there!


J. Steven York said...

Hi, Michael. See you (knock on wood) at Radcon. Star Trek panel should be fun. I'm also especially looking forward to:

"Has Anybody ever run a Budget for the Evil Overlords Security Detail?
Cobalt (2218), Saturday 4PM. Things to think about when trying to keep it logical or why keeping 400 security guards on staff costs a lot of money." Not only is this a fun topic, but I have a story in the upcoming anthology "If I Were an Evil Overlord" from DAW, and a run a weekly web-comic called "Minions at Work," concerning the comic adventures of a group of Minions of evil. You can find it at:

michael said...

Yes, it looks like fun! This will be my first RadCon. 34 years ago I worked for a few weeks in the hotel there, though, so it will be sort of like a homecoming for me :)