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Monday, May 07, 2007

Moved and moving into high gear

Finished our move, which had a major disruptive effect on my writing, but now I have a lovely new space and plenty of privacy for writing. This weekend I nearly finished the new Joe Denfar story. I also had a chance to revisit my rejections---- my ghost rat story got yet another glowing rejection--- everybody loves it, nobody buys it. The submarine story was rejected, too, just as well because I really like the magazine I sent it to, and it has already killed two other magazines. It gets bought, and then the magazine dies.
And I am still waiting on the "Servant" story that I sent to the invited anthology. I have high hopes, as I feel that this is the best one in the series, and I would really like to be a part of the project I sent it to.
Time will tell!


Jordan Lapp said...

I guessing, because many of us know each other, Mike wants to do all the acceptances at once.

michael said...

Or crush all our dreams in one fell swoop :)