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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Book news

Had a very busy and exciting week in discussion with the publisher and the artist for the "Servant" book. Wow, I am stoked!
Beautiful artwork, both for the cover and the commissioned interior illustrations... yes I did say interior illustrations, done by Rachel Marks, who is one of my favorites--- planned at this point as 7 full page charcoal drawings. This will be a book that will be nice to hold, and beautiful to read. Hopefully the readers enjoy the words as much as the package!
No official time-line yet, other than "soon". I have a few thousand works of "filling out" to finish. One thing I can promise is that the book will take the Servant to places the reader may never have expected, and she will meet with even more exciting and terrifying adventures!
For those of you who have been following her saga, The Sword Review has reprinted the first two stories in June and July, and will have three more in the following months. The book will have two more previously unpublished stories of pretty substantial length, bringing the tale together and making it an episodic novel rather than a collection of short stories. There will be lots to love!

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