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Friday, February 08, 2008

Sic transit gloria Amazonia

Just had pointed out to me that The Servant of the Manthycore is #55 in the Dark Fantasy catagory on Amazon Canada. When I announced this at work a co-worker opined that I had clearly captured the entire dark fantasy readership of Canada, all 2 of them.
Anyway, basking in the small and temporary glory!


Jordan Lapp said...

I was quite asham-ed that I hadn't ordered Servant yet (because of a stupidly long reading list). When I saw this, I just HAD to order it from in order to further push your rankings into the stratosphere.

Welcome to ranking #54, Mr. Ehart!

michael said...

Thanks Jordan!

Bruce D. said...

I guess Jordan and I are the 2, then. Glad we could be of assistance. :-)

For another great Canadian fantasy author, try Steven Erikson.

michael said...

Thanks Bruce!
You know, I really like VCon, and was quite unhappy that illness and fatigue forced me to miss it last year.
I am also hoping to get to World Fantasy in Calgary later this year. Haven't been to Calgary for years.
Perhaps my next Joe Denfar story should take place in one of the great Canadian Cities.

Bruce D. said...

It's too bad you're not closer to Toronto. There's a con coming up in March with Rob Sawyer as a guest.

michael said...

That would be great fun, but March would be difficult. Time is reeealy not my friend these days.
Perhaps next year.