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Friday, May 02, 2008

"The First Trial of Jermaish the King" up at Flashing Swords

Flashing Swords #10 is up. Some really good fiction this time, including another "Servant" story--- "The First Trial of Jermaish the King" --- Those who have read the book know all about Jermaish. It's funny, I get more mail about him than any onther character except Ninshi and Miri. I suspect there are a great many women who have known a man like Jermaish, and strangely most of the letters and emails have encouraged me to put him in another story and then kill him off.
Wel, then, Jermaish is back...


Jeff Draper said...

Absolutely excellent. Probably the best yet. I loved the line at the beginning that is one of the best ways to characterize Ninshi: "What king?" Implied: "I've known maybe two hundred Kings in my day, which pretentious fool are you talking about now?" I also love how Miri seems to get more and more deadly with every story. The plot came together perfectly and the action was crisp and brutal. Very well done.

michael said...

Thanks Jeff! I'm glad you liked it. Miri has a good teacher, and many more tales to tell.