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Friday, August 22, 2008

"As From His Lair, the Wild Beast"

The latest Servant story is done and off to crit. My live crit group is starting up again after summer hiatus, just in time.
The new story has Ninshi and Miri fleeing the soldiers of the Temple of Ishtar, and a quite large beastie as part of the plot. 6500 words, a little shorter than I have been writing lately, but it was still good to be finished.
Next up, a promised novella that has them traveling to Illium to sort through the wreckage of the recently destroyed city, with some unusual allies along the way.


Mike Toot said...

I like the part where Ninshi and Miri go for a spa day at Habitude. The giggling, the soap suds, the pillow fight in the fluffy robes. Well written!

michael said...

You think? 'Cause I was afriad I had gone a little over the top, especially with them giving each other pedicures and cucumber facials.

Mike Toot said...

It *is* a bold new direction for the series, but I think it will gain you a whole different group of readers. :)

Jeff Draper said...

I think it would take even the most skilled masseuse 40 lifetimes of men to work the knots out of Ninshi's shoulders.

cindy said...

very exciting news, michael! can't wait to read it!!