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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Oh, yeah, this blog is about writing

Link to an interview with me: here!

"If there was the possibility of becoming any speculative fiction character ever created (except your own), would you? Who? Why?

I’m pretty happy with who I am. When I was a kid I wanted to be Doc Savage, but you can see how that turned out. It might be cool to become John Carter, if for no other reason than to watch the death match between Dejah Thoris and my wife. Second thought, that has a lot of ways of ending in tears, and after Mrs. Ehart finished with that Martian heifer, I would probably be next."

And of course more smart-aleckey goodness on the other side of the link above.


Emphyrio said...

Nice meeting you and hearing you speak at Norwescon. You're an effective advocate of your books. Such a smart guy must write interesting fiction. Looking forward to attacking Servant of the Manthycore when I get home.

michael said...

It was nice meeting you! I hope you enjoy the book!