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Monday, August 03, 2009

Some amazing examples of ancient craftsmanship

From the Bagdad Museum --- this is part of a series of hundreds of slides, without any text. I am guessing from other reading and context that it is a documentation of the artifacts that museum staff hid during the war. This crown is exquisite, but by far not the only item.

If you go through the slideshow, the first few dozen show them opening the vault under heavy guard, and opening the crates. As they unpack them, the wonders grow increasingly eye-popping.

The crown looks to me to be Assyrian. The flowers are lovely, and the angels are recognizable by their four wings, not anything like a modern representation. Are the angels there to protect the wearer, as a symbol of his authority, or just because they are cool?

You can start with the crown and some of the details here:
or check the whole thing out from the beginning here:

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