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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Okay, not so great in just text, but...

An ancient evil... an immortal warrior.

From the sands and cities of the ancient middle-east comes an epic story of bloodshed, love and betrayal. Award-winning fantasy author Michael Ehart spins a tale that echoes with the blood and thunder of the golden age.

Bound by an ancient curse, serving her master in bitter unwillingness, the Servant of the Manthycore must lure the greedy, the unsuspecting and the unwary into the desert to feed the insatiable beast to whom she is bound. Centuries of combat and murder have made her a swordswoman whispered of in the marketplaces, feared in the back-alleys and sung about by the campfires of the caravans. The passing centuries of betrayal and death have stolen her humanity and even her name, leaving only a glimmer of who she once was. Her only hope is to someday meet a greater warrior than she, and so be freed.

Striding across the background of civilization in its youth, in the time of the first great heroes and the cities they built, she becomes more than a woman, and as her legend grows so does her determination to someday be free of the great beast who she serves. Goddesses, bandits, soldiers and kings fall beneath her sword as she fights her way to discover a path to freedom.

Ancient Tomes Press is pleased to announce the release of fantasy author, Michael Ehart's new sword & sorcery epic, The Tears of Ishtar.

Michael Ehart has been at various times all the expected
things: laborer, seminary student, musician, shoe salesman,
political consultant, teacher, diaper truck driver, stand-up
comedian, and the least important guy with an office at a
movie studio. He currently works as a computer security
systems engineer. He made his first sale to a magazine at
age 15, which means he has been writing for nearly 40
years, with the aforementioned occasional breaks for gainful

Several of the short stories that make up a portion of The
Tears of Ishtar have been nominated for various awards,
including the Million Writers Award and top ten finishes
in the 2007 and 2008 Preditors and Editors poll.

Come with us now as we journey with Ninshi in her quest to free the person dearest to her heart from the great and terrible beast that holds him in thralled - the Manthycore! Will she succeed? Will she survive? Only time will tell if love will triumph over evil!

Read a free preview. Click here.

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