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Thursday, March 27, 2008

New Servant story to Flashing Swords

I just returned signed contracts for "The First Trial of Jermaish the King" to Flashing Swords. For those of you who have read the book, this will be a return to a character that gets me more fan mail than any other, excepting only Miri and Ninshi. Most of the mail is from women who sadly a) know or have known a man just like Jermaish, and b) want to know when I am going to write another story with him in it, and kill him off.
Ahhh, romance! Well, the good news is that at least a) has happened, and you will be able to read the story May 1st.
As for b)... well that would be telling, wouldn't it?


Howard von Darkmoor said...

Fun tale, Michael, I just read it! No, I take that back. It's a great tale - and you've actually put me in a pickle - this is my favorite tale of your Servant yet . . . . so I'm stuck wishing I had this one in RotS! ;)

michael said...

Thanks, HvD, I'm glad you liked it! It seriously kicked my butt, I must say, as I had a hard time with keeping the ambiguities balanced. Certainly the most emotionally complex of the "Servant" stories. I hope the readers agree.

Howard von Darkmoor said...

The only question I had was at the end, I was unsure of what 'secret' was being kept. But I have not read your book yet (it's here in the pile), so I simply figured that alluded to something I should know if I read all the Servant stories.

Otherwise, your interactions were great - and I thoroughly enjoyed Jermaish!

michael said...

I think you may have read the pre-edit one. Kelly pointed that out, too, so I added a little to the line to make it clearer. I'll email you the change there :)

pixydust said...

Awesome work, Michael, as usual! Congrats!