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Sunday, March 30, 2008

"Only His Name" at EDF; Wall Street Journal really likes them---

How often do you get to praise the Wall Street Journal?

Check out my story today at Every Day Fiction:
The publisher, Jordan Lapp, took a chance on a boxing story, remembering that many of the great writers, pulp and otherwise, wrote 'em. Now, as I am best known as a fantasy writer, this was a double chance on his part. Comment is greatly appreciated!

Lapp's willingness to think outside the standard model has produced a very enjoyable format for flash fiction--- every day a new 1000 word or less piece is dropped into your inbox. I often read the day's story over my morning coffee.

The Wall Street Journal thought it was a good idea, too:

Every Day Fiction features a new short story every 24 hours. The first line from a recent entry: "A woman sat in a brown cubicle, unplugged. She went to get coffee from the lunchroom. When she took out the milk from the refrigerator, the milk bottle spoke."

So, now and then they get it right :)

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