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Monday, July 30, 2007

Every Day Fiction

Are you an aspiring writer? Looking maybe for your first few publication credits? Or perhaps you are a more established scribbler, and would like a venue to drive traffic to your site. Either way, Jordan Lapp has just announced the beginning of a new flash fiction magazine that may be just what you have been looking for! Every Day Fiction promises to deliver what its name implies-- fresh fiction every day. In return they pay one entire dollar, some fleeting fame, and a link to whatever project you are pushing. Some outstanding writers have lined up to provide 1000 word or less fiction, and in the first week they have over 100 subscribers, so the exposure looks to be substantial.
And if you like your fiction in bite-sized pieces, delivered hot and fresh daily, you might want to subscribe.
Give em' a look!


Jordan Lapp said...

We don't just pay a dollar. We let fly a scintillating plethora of iridescent bits to your Paypal account (which will be credited one dollar).

As for the fame, if you are the proud owner of the most read story per month, you get interviewed. There are also plans for an antho.

Thanks for the plug, Michael! I expect to see some work soon!

Jordan Lapp said...


I was ego surfing and I found this:

Do a search for "NorWesCon". They ripped off your content!

michael said...

Hah! It happens. Good source for unintentional referrals.

D J Barber said...

I sent a short to Every Day Fiction called Splashdown!
I hope Jordan likes it.
I'm also looking forward to Damned in Dixie, not only for the Joe story, but my own, The Cootsy appears there too.

D J Barber said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
michael said...

It reads so well! Ron chose very well, didn't he? I know that anyone who buys this will love it.