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Sunday, July 01, 2007


I have been lax, I know, but here we go: "Love is the Slayer" a Servant of the Manthycore to A New Century of Sword and Sorcery, "The Death of Number 23" to Cross-genre Cthulhu, "Night of Shadows, Night of Knives" to Magic and Mechanica, "The Stars by Law Forbidden" to Unparalleled Journeys II, all anthologies, and "The Amityville Sensimilla Growers Guide to Bigger, Healthier Plants" to Chizine.
Recently rejected and being re-worked: "Can We Truly Know Why the Junkie Pixie Sings", and "A God by a River in Egypt", tweaking on both should not take much as they are both fairly strong. "Lon Chaney Playing Poker, on Velvet" a Joe Denfar story, is finished and waiting for me to decide where I want him to appear next.
And "The Beast of the Bridge" is pending as part of the Orphans of the Gods anthology put together by my online crit group.
In print is the first of five Servant of the Manthycore stories, "Voice of the Spoiler" first printed in The Sword Review Oct 2005, reprinted by them, followed by "Servant of the Manthycore" in July, "Weaving Spiders Come Not Here" in August, "Nothing But Our Tears" in September, and "The Scarlet-Colored Beast" in October, which finishes out that story arc and provides a little closure for the poor gal.
Any day now we are expecting to see "Six Zombies Doing that Mick Jagger Strut" (A Joe Denfar story) in the Damned in Dixie anthology, and "Darkling I Listen; and for Many a Time" will most likely be in either this month's Fear and Trembling Magazine, or next month's.
In progress is "Warner Ducked" a space opera shoot-em up, the only short on my list right now, and The Tears of Ishtar, a Servant novel. Also I am hoping to get some time for Dancing with the Cannibal King, a muti-universe novel.
Busy guy!


Jordan Lapp said...

Hey Michael,

Have you gotten word back from Mike Turner on ANCSS? I'm going to query if I don't hear back by the 15th.

michael said...

Haven't heard anything. I just assumed he has been busy, but it might be a good idea to give him a nudge.