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Saturday, November 19, 2005

I have been enjoying a very productive email conversation with my cyberpal Elizabeth Ann Scarborough. After the Tangent reviews she went and read the stories. She came back with a lot of suggestions, and some pretty good advice about humor, style, and pacing.
The net result was positive, but I got very little done in terms of words on a page this week. I like to get around 5k. I think I did around 2k.
Still, I did manage to get 2 stories turned around, one to Transdimensional Horror Express, and one to Dark Recess, who emailed me this morning with a "You've made the first cut" message.
Both stories are good matches, and I think the chances are pretty good that they'll be placed in those magazines.
And STEW, the crit group, is tomorrow, so I should be getting a full dose of good advice there.
One more thing: welcome to my new fans from Italy. It was very cool to see my blog in Italian. Come back and visit often! We are quite international here, with folks dropping by from Turkey, France, Italy, Argentina, Brazil, the US, and some place sitemeter calls ?unknown country. I am hoping that the ?unknown country folks are really time-travelling aliens from Beta Centuri, but perhaps that is a little too much to hope for. Everyone knows that most of the time-travelling aliens who read writer's blogs are from Asellus Secondus; you really only ever see the Beta Centurians at cons.

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