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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Last night I finally got on the ball and rapped out a thousand words on the manthycore story. In fact the working title is "Servant of the Manthycore" which is a little more zippy than "Manth2", the old working title. I tried to get Ann Scarborough to distract me, and she did a pretty good job with her email tale of how she spent Halloween, but in the end she fell down on the job, and I got some work done.
I have been tempted the last couple of days by submission calls for some shared world anthologies--- one of the things Ann did in our email exchange is give me benefit of her wisdom and experience. Sometimes all you need is a little encouragement, and Ann is a great source of that.
Tomorrow we should be on our way to Orycon. Depending on the internet connections available, I will try to post at least once from there. One of the antique Orycons, (I think it was held at Portland State while my first wife was a student there, but my memory over what? 25+ years? is fragile) was my first con ever.

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