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Wednesday, November 02, 2005


I am never comfortable without at least 5 subs out there in rotation. It is a carry-over from my years of non-fiction writing, where an empty pipeline meant lean days ahead. Right now I have four, and a couple of starts that could be ready as early as next week. I didn't get much done last weekend, as I was at a speaking engagement for my real world vocation, and I won't get much done this weekend, either, as Shaharazahd and I, and maybe Alex, will be at Orycon.
For those of you who relish the process, I have these submissions to report:
"Night of Shadows, Night of Knives" at Flashing Swords
"Can We Truly Know Why the Junkie Pixies Sing" at Justice Wears a Dress
"Darkling I Listen; and, For Many a Time" at Fictitious Force
and "The Death of Number 23" which has been passed on to senior editors at Aberrant Dreams, and I am told, will have an official decision in the next week or so.
The couple of starts are a cow tipping alien zombie story that vaguely references my rural eastern Oregon teen years, and a second story following the protagonist of "Voice of the Spoiler"-- which, by the way, is still up at along with "An Exorcism Straight, Hold the Elvis."
A couple of folks have been kind enough to ask if there are more Joe Denfar stories in the hopper. Joe is a pretty independent guy, but if there are any new developments in the spook slaying business, I'll be sure to write about them, and post notice here.

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