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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Sadly, car trouble prevented us getting to go to Orycon. So instead, I wrote a bit.
Actually, I finally got around to doing some serious work on the novel I started a couple of months ago. I am hoping to have enough of a first chapter to send it to the crit group.
Today, I managed to get over a thousand words out, even though I felt pretty tapped out by the amount of posting needed on my work-related blog.
For those of you who are interested in the process, I moved the first action scene to the second chapter, to be used as a flashback, and am working hard to make the first chapter both rock, and be a reasonably painless info dump.
The novel itself is the result of one of those "oh yeah" moments that hit me at this years Nebulas. I was listening to the familiar exhortation (I think from Charles Brown this time, but the sources of this are interchangeable back to Homer) to write the kind of stories you wish someone was writing, when I actually asked myself: What exactly am I missing? The answer was the kind of stuff Roger Zelazney was best at--- So I am writing a story about a man who travels between strings of reality. He lives in a house where every door opens onto a different time and place, his best friend is an Egyptian Death Goddess who lives in his closet, and the purpose of his life is to save an earlier version of himself from being killed by demons from his past.
We will see if this can be made to work, but so far, I am pretty stoked at how it is turning out.

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