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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Tangent Review

Very kind words tonight in Tangent Online from reviewer Alasdair Stewart:

On "An Exorcism Straight, Hold the Elvis"--

Ehart has an easy, wry style and gives Joe a real voice. Told through a combination of first person narration and dialogue, he puts the reader inside the head of a man who has been doing this for far too long and no longer knows how to be surprised. It's a dangerous move, one that threatens to tip over into 1940s pastiches, but Ehart pulls it off. Not only is he able to give us an unusual and likable character in Joe, but his take on ghosts is both original and well thought out. ...this is a fun, evocative story that plays three card monte with the reader's expectations and wins every time.

And on "Voice of the Spoiler"--

There are no guilds here, no huge kingdoms, just people trying to make their way and leave their mark. It's a stylistic move that reminded me a lot of David Gemmell's work; there's the same gritty, personal feel to the story that Gemmell brings to his work. The interplay between the past and present is well handled and the unusual structure provides the reader with a puzzle they are sure to enjoy solving.

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